Friday, April 20, 2007

For Imprinters

here comes that kid eager an new
fresh into arts who knows what he could do
maybe he'll bite off more than he can chew
that kid was me, was he you?

First you're over the top
Then you're over your head
Then you start skipping class and doing Imprint instead
It feels like a mistaaake
leaving cornflakes at the office
but its where I'm eating breakfast
the coffee's better here.
The courses that we take
slide into periphery
till we hit that doom epiphany
that their deadlines all are near.

What is journalism but a choice
listen to me I'll tell you with an active voice

Fuck shit up.
Don't look back.
Just pay your fee
And we'll keep track

Its hard to say goodbye.

But I think I'll try.

to all those 79 issues that were
partially mine
left behind

To all those folk, stubborn as oak
eyes open wide
We are the 4th estate kind

No one makes us do it
They call it volunteering
but if this shit's so important,
why the fuck are you in engineering


fuck shit up.
don't look back.

...I sure as fuck won't.


At 11:51 PM, Blogger Margie said...

I really like these lyrics, but maybe it's my Imprinter bias. Maybe not. :)


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