Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I really shouldn't have any interest in Municipal politics. I have already decided that Waterloo is in the process of chewing me up in order to spit me out, just like High School, and just like High School, I've taken to watching the teeth that do the chewing. Its not out of any sense of love, more out of my utter despisal of the stupid.

So Brenda Halloran is the new Mayor of Waterloo. She's better than Herb Epp, that's for sure, but she misses the point on one fundamental issue. She is one of the numerous old people in City Hall who would really like to think of Waterloo as a small town, a hamlet when it is quickly becoming a big city. They hold in high regard some strange, antique notion of a City Square where everyone would congregate and informally discuss issues pertaining to life in the hamlet. This idea flies in the face of all realistic understanding. It ignores the real conditions of life in Waterloo. With such a fundamental stupidity at the heart of an ideology, I'm afraid to imagine what's in store for Waterloo in the next little while.

Small town mentalities only work in small towns! I happen to hail from an actual small town, so let's make a little juxtaposition:

Waterloo:population 110,000
Aurora: population 45,000

Waterloo: 7 Councillors
Aurora: 8 Councillors

Hey Halloran WAKE UP!


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