Sunday, August 14, 2005

That shit's SO terrickkkk!

A while back, I came up with some hip-hop-style lyrics about Aurora. On Friday I hit the studio and recorded it. It is about the worst thing ever. Here are the lyrics I could remember at the time:

Turn me up a little bit

It's the A to the U to the R O R A
Down to the ACC where the Tigers play
We've got a flat-topped church where we go to pray
'cuz hurricane Hazel blew the steeple away

Went to Hawaii, picked up a lay
Went to England, ate fish and chips every day
I've been around the world, but I'm still proud to say
That I'm straight outta A-dot all the way

(Backup singers: 713 to the 727, 841 to the 726)
Straight outta A-dot!

Suburbia, sidewalks cement
But we've got enough grass, you can puot up a tent
Go to the mini mall, where all the money is spent
Take the mini van, borrow it from the 'rents

Not superman but a lot like Clark Kent
The record rack's gone, don't know where it went
Vic's shoe repairs if your shoes are bent
'cuz he's straight outta A-dot, a hundred percent

Chorus x2

(random shout-outs)

Friday, August 05, 2005

Tough Times: starring Darren Hutz

Today, I brushed my teeth and it felt like food.

hey, at least I'm brushing...

Bomber has a decent sound system, but out of the 10 times I played there this summer, I only used it once. Every other friday afternoon, I used my own amp which I carried all the way from home "just in case we can't figure the sound system." It ended up living in various places around bomber and the SLC including the Feds office, the kitchen and the DJ booth.

As of last friday, my contract with Bomber is officially finished, so I took to the task of lugging the damn heavy-ass amp home. I felt compelled by the vague symbolism here to do that thing when I ponder about my personal growth over the last 3 months.

Well for one thing, I'm physically stronger. I had to take seven or eight breaks taking the amp to Bomber but only four on the way home. I guess endurance is up.

I stuck the amp in the foyer of my house. Ahh, my house, the most expensive shithole money can buy er lease. As of August first, my last rent cheque will leave my account, and I will be free of my stupid landlords and their icy talons. I am officially poor no longer. In the next month, I will have more than a thousand dollars coming to me and I have to do NOTHING to get it. I'll get money for the Bomber gig, deferred paychecks from my work in the kitchen and all sorts of other money coming out of the woodwork.

I am now free of financial destitution! As for my house, it was a shithole, but I do not regret living here. When you have lived like I have for th last year, you learn what really matters.

Times were tough, with the help of Imprint, VOC, Bomber and Margie, I managed to not only get by, but have some amazing times. The last year has been simultaneously the best and worst 12 monthes of my life. I rolled through rock bottom and barely noticed thanks to all the good stuff.

It's one month before I move in with Russel, my roomate from first year. I will pay less than half of my current rent for the next eight monthes. I will clean up my act and start saving money and doing well in class. Of course, I say that every term but...

Now all I have left to do is clean 47 Academy one last time. Like I did once before, I will purge it of dirt, and in doing so, purge it of me. It's time to move on. I hold no disdain for my former lifestyle, but I have had quite enough of it.