Friday, September 23, 2005

Memoirs of not an English student

So I'm not Impint's new volunteer coordinator, but Carla Sandham is newly not Imprint's EIC. We'll have a new one within a week and a half. I feel like a parent who's kid's goldfish just died and I'm at the pet store trying to find a new one before little Billy notices.

Arg. I'm still a student of the mind and not the word. I'm still somehow squirming in the clammy palm of poverty. With any luck those things should resolve themselves soon. Of course, I've been saying that for close to a year, so for now I also say "arg."

News? No, not news, I'm Imprint's arts editor now. That's news. I'm also a communist and moderately humourous.(those are supposed to be links, but
Imprint doesn't seem to have a website for the moment)

Anyho, I will soon have something interesting to talk about. Until then!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

What kind of equation can I possibly employ?

I hate decisions.

Recent Context: I spent a week(7 days)up at my cottage with 12-15 of my closest Aurora friends including Dave, Jason, Steve and Josh. It was one helluva good time (thanks to everyone who came). Time permitting, I will say more later.

Option 1: Algonquin conoe trip for four days with Dave, Jason, Steve and Josh. I've never been to Algonquin and I've never been on a conoe trip. Those guys are probably having a blast right now.

Option 2: Stay in Waterloo and get my affairs in order. I'm homeless, unemployed and unprepared for a) frosh week and b) the upcoming school term.

Option 2 won. I figured I'd try the whole "responsible adult" thing and see how it pans out. But before I was even able to kick myself for missing the conoe trip, I discovered something one-hit-wonderful. Note that they mention "90'S "TWO PRINCES" SOUL BLUES ROCK JAM BAND" in the ticket information. You know you're washed up when you're carreer still depends on a song you released 14 years ago.

I don't care though, I'm finally going to a Spin Doctors concert. If they play Refrigerator Car, I am going to shit myself.

More to come...