Thursday, October 27, 2005

Speaking of willpower

So I set last thursday aside as my all-night workfest.I had a number of assignments and readings that were due or past due. My goal was to put myself through a night of suffering and come out on top. Instead, I went to sleep around 6 AM and by that time I had dropped two classes.

Oh well, now I have time for other things, like, say Rememberance Day.

UW, as a university, does nothing on Rembradt's day. That is a bad thing. I can't really tell you why I think it is important to remember wars and such, but I know for sure that it is always a good idea to pause and reflect once in a while.

The whole thing was Jeff Anstett's initiative. New clubs director Sabrina Bowman is on board. Christine Louriero said she'd help. The idea is to hold a little ceremony in the SLC featuring poetry, speakers and music to give folks a chance to remember if they feel so inclined. If anybody's interested in helping out, or has any ideas, let me know.

Thursday, October 20, 2005 I like my women...

Imprint is a fury of joy these days. Our new EIC Tim was assistant editor when I was features. He left for a while, now he's back. If I could describe Tim in one hyphenated word, I would use tough-as-nails. Or maybe frou-frou. I think I just like hyphens.

I quit Arts. I was hired to be Imprint's production assistant, for which I will be paid. The paper looks better than ever, and my new income will soon afford me certain shiny new luxuries.

Somewhere down the line I started taking my coffee large and black. A year ago, I wouldn't touch the stuff. I can recall a time when I considered myself a "tea guy." These days I'll make myself a cup of tea to get me through the line at Tim Hortons.
These days there simply isn't enough sleep in the world.

I'm geared for sunrise tonight and I won't get a full night's rest till tuesday thanks to midterms and my typical procrastination. Anyho, essay time now.

And now for some wicked-awesome video links. Enjoy!

Complete failure

Wow, that was fast.

Let's get drunk!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A challenge

The human will is very much like a muscle, and mine has lately grown quite out of shape. It is time for a discpline workout, I invite anybody with the grit, or desiring the grit to join me in another THREE WEEK TEST OF WILL!!!

Here are the full conditions of test. Failure of at least part of the conditions is common, but continued effort is important. Anything is better than complete failure.

1) choose three(3) specific things that you do on a regualr basis. Your choices should be things that are challenging, but not unrealistic. For instance, you probably won't be able to quit coffee if you're used to downing 5-6 cups a day. Of course the best things to pick are the activities that have negative effects on your life, like visiting too many virus ridden porn sites. Think reduction, not elimination.

2) Three weeks is the timeline. Apply your three tests one at a time, compounding. Do the easiest one first and the hardest one last. For instance:

Week one: no beer on fridays

Week two: no beer on fridays, no weed on wednesdays

Week three: no beer on fridays, no weed on wednesdays, no masturbation before noon

...Just an example...

3) Start immediately. Right now! By putting it off even a few hours, you risk failing before even beginning. No last friday pint, no last wednesday hit, no umm, well you get the picture.

The ideal goal is to succeed at all three by the third week, but naturally some will slide or outright fail. It is amazing how many little things in life can be utterly addicitive. Just stick to it best you can.

My three things? One of them will be to do 5 pushups a night. The rest I'll keep to myself. For me, making sure I remember things is almost as hard as getting myself to do them. Are you up for the challenge?

P.S. I had would've posted sooner, but my post turned into a column, and Imprint has first publication rights...